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Cowboy Companies

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

Sadly many clearance companies / 'man with a van' companies do not always provide a good service and could leave you with hidden fees and sometimes a court case on your hands if fly tipping is involved. Here are some tips when looking for a clearance company.

1. Does the firm have a valid waste carriers license. This information will be highlighted on their website, quote form or email signature. All clearance companies should be able to show their waste carriers license card to the environmental agency on request. Do not feel worried to ask companies for this information.

2. Does the company promise a complete finish i.e. they will hoover up afterwards and not leave the property in a worse state than when they arrived.

3. Have they provided you with a quote which highlights the service they will provide without any hidden fees.

4. Do they provide an invoice which accepts bank transfer payments and not only a cash only service.

5. Do they have a privacy policy in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018

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